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Thread: Update on Forced Cheat

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    Smile Update on Forced Cheat

    So I met the out of town family for breakfast with a couple of my grown children. I ordered two egg whites scrambled with spinach, no oil, no cheese, and a cup of coffee. I took my HCG before the meal and ate a regular dinner, nothing between breakfast and dinner. I drank my normal 3 liters of water, too. I am happy to report that I didn't skip a beat and lost my normal 1/2 pound. Of course, I will continue to weigh daily, and journal my weight and meals.

    This did not change my fear of eating in restaurants while actively on HCG, but it did enforce the fact that I can choose to eat a healthy meal - I really do control what goes in my mouth. I will continue to work on my fear of eating things that I did not personally prepare.

    I have had many friends go on the HCG diet, lose up to 30 pounds, and gain it back and then some due to the fact that they went right back to their old eating habits. I've also had friends go on the HCG diet, lose up to 30 pounds, maintain the weight loss and sometimes even lose more weight by strictly controlling their diet and eating only healthy foods. I intend to be in the latter group.

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    Way to go!

    Round 1 ended 3/25 30
    Round 2 ended 6/27 26
    LDW 185.8

    8/17 started high fat/adequate protein/low carb diet (nutritional ketosis):
    Starting weight: 185.4
    11/19 168.6

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    Yea! You get it! It has to be a lifestyle change....anything short of that and you will regain the weight. Good for you! .
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    Thanks! I had been an avid exerciser and I ate "clean" nearly all of my life. When the kids all left home I started slacking, then came menopause, then I started college. It was all too easy to run through the drive through, and we started eating out several nights a week with friends - before I knew it, BAM! + 30 pounds.

    The HCG protocol diet is quite easy to prepare and keep up - I weigh, bake, and freeze my proteins for two weeks at a time, and chopping apples and veggies is quick and easy. My next step from HCG will be back to "clean", and it is a big production. Like anything else though, you have to WANT it - if you WANT it bad enough, you will DO it.

    I felt TERRIBLE when I was eating bad - tired, weak, sickly... and eating healthy again has really driven home the point that you are what you eat. It is so easy to let yourself gain weight, but so, so hard to lose it.....


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