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I notice this post is old however, your support is very much needed. I am a natural sister who had braids the first two weeks of this Phase I. I am doing well 12 lbs thus far a little under 2 weeks. I am fearful about going without oils on my scalp. I have been good without oil on my skin I have been using Eucerine, which keeps me moisturized, same deodorant , tooth paste but I need to know what to do about my hair. What did you use to wash and condition your hair? please inform. I am very concerned. my hair cannot dry out this would be bad. Thanks in advance. here's to my 155 lb goal (predeployment weight).
I'm in the process of going natural. When doing my 23 or 29 day P2 (like now), I don't use shampoo. I condition my hair 1-2 times per week with a moisture conditioner and to cut out all oily buildup I rinse with ACV cut with water. My leave in conditioner is Infusium23 original formula. The Infusium23 gets sprayed on my wet hair so it dries naturally and locks in my waves. My losses are still averaging out the same as when I used no oil.

I have quite a bunch of ACV articles on hair, skin and nutrition. Here is a short one you may enjoy.

Hope this helps. Good luck on your hcg journey.