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Thread: HELP what oils are ok??

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    Quote Originally Posted by radgirl View Post
    I have keratosis pilaris, a dry skin condition that causes bumps on the backs of my arms, so moisturizer is a must. I am prescribed a lotion that contains urea, as well as Cetaphil's moisture restoring bodywash and lotion. I know I shouldn't use these, so I am going to try the mineral oil or baby oil. I found some pure mineral oil online at Amazon, hope it works...

    I have KP as well. I use AmLactin lotion and it works wonders on my arms and legs. It is P2 safe and I've been using it since I started P2 on Feb 7th.

    Have lost 14 pounds in 16 days!

    I also continued to use my Cetaphil Antibacterial bar soap (LOVE!), for my dry skin. It's the only thing that is not P2 approved that I just couldn't give up. Thankfully it hasn't stalled me.

    Good luck!

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    I bought some Alba lotion and am having a horrible allergic reaction to it!! Never had this happen before to any lotion. You should see my eyelids! They are so swollen and itchy and are burning and so uncomfortable. It's hard to function while on Benadryl. Ugh and yikes!

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    I have to use lotion on my arms and legs, I have 2 different types, one is Nivea Essentially Enriches which contains water, mieral oil, c13-16 Isoparaffin, glycerin, isolrophy palmitate, petrolatum, peg-40, sorbitan, perisostearate,, glyceryl, sea salt, magneisum sulfate, sweet almon oil, citric acid sodium citrate, potassium sorbate.....

    the other contains water, sesame oil, aloe vera gel, menthol, eucalyptus oil, chamomile extract, camphor, clycerin, soluble collegen, elastin, propylene glycol, kaloin, cetyl alcohol...........

    do you think either of these might be ok?



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    vaseline is ok, Yes? It's Petrolium.
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    I am too scared to use Mineral Oil, my doctor said no. So far my oil-free thick cream I bought is working, plus I use an oil-free glycolic acid face wash which exfoliates the flakiness off my face. I do miss lotions on the diet, especially this time of year, but I will live for a month. Neutrogeona is like putting nothing on my face and my skin doesn't like it much at all. I use Ivory soap for my hands/body. I condition my hair with gloves. I use powder for my makeup instead of liquid based. I miss chapstick this time of year though. I use hand sanitizer I think it's aloe based, still jury out on that. When I'm at work and out and about, using soap in public places is iffy. I try to cook without touching my family's fatty foods. I use deodorant freely.
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