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Thread: Johnson's Baby Products

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    I'm curious to find out if anyone has used any of the Johnson's baby products as their routine beauty regime. Like many I am trying to find cheap alternatives for lotions, hair products and wondered, if they have to make safe products for newborns with little or selected ingredients do you think that these products would be safe?

    I checked out the website and it looks like most of their products contain mineral oil (at least that is the only 'oil' I can see on the list of ingredients. They have everything from lotions, baby oil, shampoos, conditioners and even body wash. Would it be safe to say that these products might be okay to use. I am starting on the 1st so I want to be sure I have what I need. It is cold and this weather is totally drying me out right now. Plus I know I can bulk up and get these items at Sam's Club so the whole household can use it. (Instead of spending money on different products for me and for the family.)

    Anyone try this? Ready to start this new year right!

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    I use their baby oil and baby lotion all of the time and have had no problems with them. I use the baby oil on my wet body right out of the shower and the baby lotion on my hands through out the day.

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    l also use baby oil with no problem

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    I know we are all on the hunt for truly hcg-safe products while we're on protocol, and if this is not an issue for you than ignore this, but the company DOES test on animals. I just wanted to throw that in incase anyone on here using them is an animal lover like me, but is unaware.

    And, you can buy straight up mineral oil from any drugstore, usually they have their own brand.

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    I had NO idea! I will NEVER use anything from them again....Thanks for the info

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    I used baby shampoo, (generic) for my hair as well as a body wash. Then I put on gloves and put my regular stay-on conditioners, like potion 9. As long as it's just on your hair, it shouldn't affect anything.

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    Thanks for your input everyone. I really appreciate it.


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