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Thread: Pre-Packaged Meals?

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    Pre-Packaged Meals?

    Scouring the internet I found this post on another forum describing a Pre-Packaged meal plan that seems to have several meal options that would comply with the HCG Diet.
    The PDF opens a menu and there are several chicken and beef options that could be combined with a veggie to make a complete HCG friendly meal.

    It seems to me that the cost is about the same as just going shopping, so is there any reason I should NOT give this a go?

    Anyone have thoughts regarding prepacked meals in general or with that program?

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    I guess my thoughts are prepackaged usually means processed with lots of additives. Didn't see an ingredient list for each entree. I would not buy it just becasue of that. None of the veggies are allowed on Dr. S.'s protocol.

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    Thanks for the feedback, well I went to the site and it does not APPEAR to be prepackaged in the traditional sense. What I mean is it looks like they cook the product then Flash freeze it and send it to you as opposed to it being in a can or box or something like that.

    As for the Veggies, I did not even realize there was an "approved" veggie list but poking around I see that Broccoli, Cauliflower, Asparagus are all approved here- http://hcgdietinfo.com/weightlossgui...et-foods-list/

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    No broccoli or cauliflower on the approved list. Read Pounds and Inches. Not sure what you're following but there is a VERY specific list of food and only those foods are allowed.
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    Colleen click on her link. It's from this site. :-). They list it as an expanded food list.
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