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Thread: TOOTHPASTE - what is wrong with my normal one?

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    I know this is an old thread but I wanted to say
    1) those ingredients in the "normal" toothpaste are terrible! Propylene Glycol? Otherwise known as antifreeze. Why would you put that in your mouth? Under the tongue is one of the most "absorbing" places on your body (like when you take sub lingual vitamins). I dont know about you but I get toothpaste under my tongue when I brush. Yuck!

    2) I know others said " I used my regular toothpaste throughout and no problems" but how do you know that your losses would not have been better if you didnt use it?

    I personally just mix up some baking soda with Thieves essential oil (its not a "fatty" oil - it is just distilled herbs) and brush with that during my rounds.
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    Precisely, my mom used to tell me that baking soda is better and a good option other than the regular toothpaste. Brushing with it can remove stains and whiten our teeth. It can also help eliminate the abrasiveness.

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    TOOTHPASTE - what is wrong with my normal one?

    I have not tried using baking soda with essential oil, but some of my friends are saying that it is much better than the regular toothpaste.

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