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Thread: Will I eat "real food" again

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    Will I eat "real food" again

    Just getting ready to start Phase 3. Have followed phase 2 to the letter and lost 27 lbs, which is about what my goal was. I don't really need to do another round. My plan was to follow phase 3 exactly, and then slowly phase back in starches and sugars in my diet, and control my weight by eating more sensibly (but not eliminating the foods I love), observing portion control, and exercising more regularly. Some of the various posts I've read scare me. Am I condemned to eating modified P3 for life!!!!!!!! Kind of makes you wonder whether the HCG screws up your system so you can't filter back in sugars and starches?

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    If you stick to your plan of observing portion size and such you'll be fine. I finished R3 in September, went through P3 and maintained my weight just fine. Even through a few rounds of steroids for an autoimmune flare I only gained 12 pounds - which I've now lost. If you go back to eating high processed foods everyday then most likely you will see a gain. For me it's a give and take thing...if I know I'm going to be "bad" one day then I know I have to be "good" a couple days too. Balance.

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    Thanks for the input. I feel a little better now.

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    What do mean by "real" food. I consider sugar, processed carbs, white flour "fake" foods. Real food is meat, veggies, fruit, and nuts. That you can eat unlimited amounts of. Sugar and white flour is what got us fat in the first place. It is illogical to believe that they won't do it again. And I'm speaking from experience. HCG does not make you immune to getting fat again the same way you got fat the first time. And that is from carbs, which drives insulin, which drives fat.
    HCG does not screw up your system so that it can't process sugar and crap. Your body already can't process all that sugar and crap foods, HCG just cleared the slate.


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