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Thread: Menopause and problems stabilizing

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    Menopause and problems stabilizing

    I have completed three rounds and have just started my fourth. My first round went great and had no problem stabilizing. After my second and third rounds totally differant story. Instead of having to do a steak day every 10 days or so, my weight would easily jump up 2+ lbs in one day. Even when I would be eating very carefully. I found it imposible to keep from gaining. I completed my third round beginning of december of last year and since then have put on about 25 of the 62 lbs that I lost. So now I am doing another round to try to undo some of the damage.
    So I was wondering... Since my last two rounds were done in the first year of menopause, could this be reason for failure as Dr Simeons says:

    " Pregnancy or the menopause may annul the effect of a previous treatment. Women who take treatment during the
    one year after the last menstruation - that is at the onset of the menopause - do just as well as others, but among them
    the relapse rate is higher until the menopause is fully established. The period of one year after the last menstruation
    applies only to women who are not being treated with ovarian hormones. If these are taken, the premenopausal
    period may be indefinitely prolonged."

    So now it has been a year since my last period and I am really hoping that I will find maintanace easier like after my first round. Has anyone out there done this diet during the first year after their last period? Any problems?

    Also about three months ago I started on a product called Phyto b, for my menopause symptoms. This is a bioidentical hormones suplement. I am wondering if I should go off of them while doing the diet and if there is any way they could cause me a problem with stabilizing? I have put on weight faster since I have been taking them although they have certainly helped with the hot flashes and sleeping.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Bev

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    Um I am right there with you. This is my 3rd round of loosing the same weight. I loose and stablize just fine in P3 on my 3rd round, but on my second round I couldn't stablize to save my live.

    This last round I stayed in P3 for 6 weeks. But as soon as I hit P4 I gained 8lbs in one day and never was able to loose it. Not even with steak days. I am frustrated like you but it seems bread and sugar are the enemy. I can't live without my hormones (although I don't take them during HCG, I find I don't need them)

    I am coming off HCG 3 weeks before I leave to go to Europe. YIKES! I may be doing this whole round for nothing! LOL!

    I should be at or near my goal weight and no where close. It's frustrating. I am in Surgical menopause becuase I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago this October.

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    I had had a full year of no menstruation when I got a bio-identical hormone injection that was said to possibly last 6 months. I did Round 1 about 8 months after this injection, lost 12 lbs (I do not have overly much to lose), did P3 for 6 weeks and then went on a short trip to Europe where - thinking I did not have to be super careful any more - I had the most terrifying experience: In four days, I gained 17 pounds that likely was all water weight -- and it all accumulated from the waist down. I had every test in the world done and all came back without any results, so I am sure it had to do with the diet. My doctor prescribed Lasix and the weight dropped back down to about 5 lbs above where I had been after P3. However, the remaining "lost" lbs came back within 2 months of eating normally. I am currently on P2/D10 of Round 2, but am hardly losing any weight at all. From other hormone related symptoms I have observed, I know that the hormone replacement had not worked itself out of my body completely. I am sure, whether it is actual menopause or hormone replacement, that this is definitely something that does not mix well with hcg.


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