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Thread: Phase 3 - V8 Juices Allowed?

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    Just wondering if any of the V8 juices are good to drink on Phase 3. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi tlind, the rules of phase three say no sugar, no carbs. only natural sugars from fruits and veggies. I have a bottle of v8 in my pantry and it lists sugar as an ingredient. It also says 10 carbs, 8 of which are sugar, 2 fiber. I am by no means an expert, but I would say no to it for Phase 3. If they just left the darn sugar out of it, it would be fine!!! But if they did, it would probably be full of high fructose corn syrup, and that is a whole other forum LOL!!!! TAke care, Barb
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    tlind- i'd email the company and ask how much added sugar there is. the carbs could be natural ones, from the veggies, but i'm guessing they add sugar! still, i wouldn't worry about having a bit- the main thing is no bread, pasta, cookies, candy, stuff like that. i had things like salad dressing (which all have added sugar) during Phase 3 and did just fine.
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    I've been drinking a 5 oz. can many times a week on Phase 3 and it has not changed my weight at all. Like Margie said, a small amount of sugar like this is ok on phase 3. Just don't drink half a bottle in one sitting. I've also had sugar in different dressings I've been using and no steak day so far! :P

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    ya, i realized shortly after i posted that the sugar in V8 is alot less then the sugar in milk, and i drank alot of milk Phase 3 of last round and had no issues with weight gain, and decided to buy some.


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