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Thread: Planned interruption after 14 days on HCG?

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    Planned interruption after 14 days on HCG?

    Hi. New here. I am on my second round of P2. I just found out that 17 days into this round I am supposed to be on a TV set for 3 days - during which I won't really have access to VLC foods and no control of lotions/hair products/oily make-up they put on. I also don't want to be hungry/tired for an long exhausting few days.
    My question is: can I do a planned interruption for 3 days on set after only 2 weeks on HCG (14 days + the 2 days off Drops on VLC diet)? Will it majorly mess it up? When I go back on VLC after the 3 day interruption should I then do a full 23 day round?

    Thanks so much for the help!!

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    Yes, and Yes, do a full 23 days after you go back on. That is my understanding. Plus, you do not need to do a load day since your interruption is only for a couple of days, just jump right back on. You should try to stick to P3 foods during your interruption, be sure to get your protein in.
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    I did 14 days lost 10 lbs. then a planned interruption for 1 week (family vacation). I ate Phase 3 as much as possible on vacation and came back up 3 lbs. I started back on and lost two lbs first day. I was glad to have done it because I needed to fit in my shorts! Now I'm doing the full 23 days. Good luck!
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    emdarke: Update us as to how everything goes! I'm about to start my planned interruption and I am a bit nervous, but I know we can do this, as long as we treat our bodies while well oiled machined and listen to them!

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    I can't say that it went well. I tried the first couple of days to eat good P3, but the shoot got extended and and the hours got later and the craft services table called, I caved pretty badly. I ended up gaining 8 lbs total on my week and a half interruption. I am now on day 6 back on P2 and I'm back down 7 of those lbs, so it was definitely like a week wasted. My advice would be to really REALLY try to stick to P3 foods on the planned interruption. Oh well, life moves on. No point in regret )

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    Did you still take your drop on the planned interruption?

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    Hi there, I am also interested to know whether you should stop Drops if u are having a plannedd interruption like above. Thanks

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    no, no'll notice she said: days + the 2 days off drops on VLC diet
    she went 2 days with no drops while still eating VLC/500 calories - and then did the vaca P3.

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    planned interruption on day 17

    I am going on vacation (well not really because it is going back home to see family), and I was planning on trying to continue on the rx hcg, but now I am having doubts because the last couple of days have been really difficult. Just been really hungry and tired and giving in to the sf jello. I can't decide whether I should do a planned interruption or just try to power through the 7 days...I am leaning towards the planned interruption but I will only have made it to day 17. Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

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    That's too soon for a planned interruption. What dose are you on? Sounds like it needs tweaked.
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