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Thread: Blood work question - can this diet affect results?

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    Question Blood work question - can this diet affect results?

    I posted this elsewhere, but no replies yet. Trying again!

    I had some blood work done last week. The doctor tested my thyroid levels, which he didn't even tell me he was doing. They called me today and want me to come in to discuss my results. Apparently, something is abnormal.

    Basically my question is, can the results of my blood work be affected by the fact that I'm on this diet right now? Eating so few calories, is there a possibility that my thyroid might be sluggish? And/or would the HCG skew my results in any way? Just curious because I didn't tell this doctor I'm on this diet. Didn't want to hear the lecture and wasn't in the mood to defend what I'm doing.

    And just in case anyone is knowledgeable on this subject, this is what they told me over the phone - TSH: 1.2 T3 free: 1.6 T4 free: 1.24

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    I had blood work done after being on HCG for about three months straight and the results were surprising. I didn't have any abnormalities in my thyroid levels but my cholesterol was high when it had never been high before. I reasoned out that on the diet I had basically been living off my own fat for the last three months and it showed up in the blood work. It will be interesting to see what it is next year when I'm eating a more normal diet.

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    I had my blood work done 1 week after coming off the diet after doing it off and on all year long. I cycled. I'd take 2 weeks off and then back on to maximize my results.

    With that said, everything came back perfect except my cholesterol but I know it's not bc of the diet. Last year we ate out a lot bc we did not have a kitchen for so long with our remodel. Although I chose healthier foods, I still had fattening foods like steak, a lot of it.

    But my cholesterol has gone down since my last blood work done in March. So I'm doing better.

    For nearly 3 years I had somewhat high glucose levels, dr said I was prediabetic at 120 and when I was pregnant at the end of 2009 I failed the test and had to do the 3 hour with barely passing.

    Now my glusoe is 100-107. I don't have sugar except natural like berries, apples, Stevia, etc.

    Your T4 is borderline, it should be .54-1.24. TSH looks fine since it should be .35-5.50 and T3 should be from .6-1.55 which is a little high.

    From my experience the diet should not affect the results. I had a high T3 back in 2008. I was sent to the endo for further testing and everything turned out fine. Your doctor will probably do the same for you. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.


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    In the long range scheme of things, I'd rather have a little higher cholesterol than high glucose.
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