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Thread: Breast Tenderness

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    I was wondering if any one has experienced breast tenderness while taking HCG?

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    I have been noticing it too- wierd. I don't usually get this during my cycle.

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    The weird thing for me is that it not my TOM

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    No, but I felt like I had to pee all the time like I did early in pregnancy LOL It wasn't extra water because I always drink alot. I'd go to the bathroom and not even hardly go at all.

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    Barb -
    I actually did a search for this when I started HCG and got a little worried when I couldnt find any others experiencing this.... I too had major breast tenderness. I'm glad to hear someone else experienced this same thing. Just know your not the only one! I'm not sure why it seems very few people report this but I know for sure it was definately there and nothing else to blame it on. For me it went away after the first week.

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    Thanks KK, Its good to know that it should go away. Even my night gown hurts. I seemed to start only a few days ago...and this is VLCD6. I am down 10.2 so I guess some boob pain wont kill me......I hope.

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    I had beast tenderness. It will go away.....just be patient.

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    Sorry BREAST tenderness.....it goes way in a few days.

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    not only are mine tender, but they are giant and I have started my period at least a week early and it has already been 7-8 days long... If I didn't have a bikini to get into in a month or so I would have never done this, but so far, I am steadily losing approx a pound a day

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    Same thing happened to me! I noticed breast tenderness the second day of injections during the loading phase. Then a few days later, while still taking my birth control pills, I got what seemed to be a period. It was heavy and lasted much longer than usual, despite continued taking of my birth control pills. Now today is the first day where it seems to be over and I feel very tired and did not lose anything today. Wierd. I know my body is going through a hormonal change and boy am I feeling it today. Thankfully I am still not hungry!

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    I have been only taking the drops for two days (round 2) and my breasts are extremely tender and bigger than usual. Good to know that it only lasts for a short time! This is how it always started at the beginning of my pregnancies!

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    Also experiencing this, myself... I have an IUD and never get my period, lets hope the HCG doesn't mess with that, but yes, very tender breasts! OW! Hope it goes away, but its only VLCD 2 for me! Good to know others experienced this!
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