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Thread: Breasts sore, bruised & red blood spots.

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    Breasts sore, bruised & red blood spots.

    I searched and couldn't find anything to help me! Please let me know if any of you have had the same issue.

    Im about to start TOM so naturally my breasts are sore but today I took my bra off and noticed they were a lightly faded purple/black color and tiny reddish purple spots where its bruised. I tried to wash it off thinking maybe it was dye from my black bra (lol) but it didn't come off! I called my friend in panic and she explained how to do a self breast exam so I did and there's no lumps THANK GOD! I have frozen peas on them now under a sports bra (that's kinda funny too lol) and it is slowly going away but its still scary and confusing. Has anyone had this problem?!

    I did a round before and never had bruising. Sore, yes but nothing like this.
    Last round I did try vegetarian and then moved to fish. This past week I switched to chicken from fish to try something different and I'm thinking maybe its hormone overdose?!

    Thank you for any help or comments I'd appreciate it.

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    Just a thought...have you been refitted since you lost the 30 lbs? Maybe your bra isn't fitting right anymore.
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