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Thread: Craving fats and carbs...bingeing every few days

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    Craving fats and carbs...bingeing every few days

    Is anyone else going through this? I can only do 2-3 days of the diet and then I am craving fats and carbs. I was losing at the start and experiencing great energy, and being cold. But I am struggling to stay on protocol. I eat a few of the melba toasts and have to finish the whole package. Or I have to eat a ton of chicken skin from the breast or I'll do up some greasy chicken thighs. I am wasting my money. I am taking non-homeopathic Drops from Tree for Life. I no longer (day 15) experience the lack of hunger and self control I felt in the beginning. I am just bingeing every few days now. Help. I started at 135 and now go between 133 and 137. There has to be something that will help. No vitamins taken as I do not remember seeing that in the protocol. Please help. Thank you. PS. I am 5'2" and hope to get to 115 pounds. I am starting a new teaching job and am wasting my time and money. I have to find something that works.

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    First, maybe you need to adjust your dosage-- many people do in a round.

    Second, sounds like melbas make you crave, so I would eliminate them completely. Perhaps increase your protein slightly when craving. Some people add an egg (not on protocol) or egg beaters to the day.

    Third, read the Success Stories. It's not over until you decide it is. I hope you will remember why you wanted to diet in the first place and get back on track.

    My 2 cents.

    Good luck!
    Just read Weight Loss Apocalypse which gave me new resolve.
    Currently getting back to the ticker weight.

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    I agree with what itsy told you. What dose are you on? And melba often makes the carb cravings worse.
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    Thanks, ladies.
    Now, do I adjust the dose up or down?
    I notice that my days are worse when I take the Drops 1st thing in the morning instead of waiting to have my first drops til just before lunch. If I just have coffee and H20 in the am, the day is more successful. My dosage...10 drops three times a day as Tree for Life recommends. Should I drop to just 2 times a day (decrease dose)? Or should I do 15 drops instead of 10 three times (increase dose)?
    Thanks again.


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