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Thread: Emotional Freedom as a Result of HCG

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    Emotional Freedom as a Result of HCG

    We all know that obesity, and being overweight/underweight are commonly associated with emotional issues. Through this HCG process, I am more in touch with my feelings and communicating them as needed. It's been therapeutic to do so, instead of running to food for comfort. Some people don't know how to respond to the new me (even myself sometimes).

    It's also interesting to see how much of my social life revolved around food. And how, with some relationships, they've suffered because food is no longer a part of connecting with them, as often as before.

    As I move more and more towards my ideal weight, I see myself spending more time outside - hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.. and I see that I'll need some more new friends that also share this interest...

    How has HCG and this process affected your relationship and activities with others?

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    Congratulations! You are doing fantastic. I also realized how much of my life revolved around "socializing" with food. I still can a little but I eat differently. I also am more active and self confident. To bad it took so many years to find hcg but I am so blessed I did.

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    Yes, I read an article in this site (http://emf.mercola.com/) that obesity is sometimes cause by emotion so people mostly do EFT before meal time.
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