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Thread: False Pregnancy Test?

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    False Pregnancy Test?

    I am taking Rx pellets and want to know if these can cause false positives on pregnancy tests. I have read that the injections can, and that makes sense, but I wonder how much of the hCG from the pellet actually gets in the urine. I know tests these days are SO sensitive and have picked up less than 20 IU so I think that the positive I have is from the pellets. I take one twice a day and they say they are 300 IUs but I don't know if that is for one pellet or both combined.

    Any experience with this?

    I am 8 months post partum and still awaiting AF. I stopped breastfeeding the day I started this program (have enough frozen) and am still on the mini pill. I started charting again on May 30th and it looks like I MAY have ovulated the day I started this program (what a coincidence).

    Thank you!
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    no worries, if your pregnancy test reads positive it will be faintly. When you see the strong positive, you are pregnant. Just be cautioned though, hcg can really pump up your fertility. That's it's original use.

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    That is great, that is exactly what I am getting and the two I did two days apart are essentially the same.

    Thank you!
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