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Thread: HELP: Severe leg cramps

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    Unhappy HELP: Severe leg cramps

    Is anyone having severe leg cramps? I am taking the HCG X-30 Platinum Drops. And my legs cramps really bad at night. Is there anything that can be done to help these cramps, I am losing lots of sleep with them.
    Brenda Scott

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    a good potassium supplement will help.

    Are you drinking a lot of water? Water in excess can wash out the minerals your body needs.

    Hcg Platinum is not real Hcg unfortunately. They are hormone free diet drops. You will need to buy hcg drops that are real as soon as possible.
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    So sorry! if you're still having the cramps, try potassium. Also, a soak with a cup of sea salt, a cup of epsom salt and a cup of baking soda will not only help with the detox but also help relieve cramps. It's really soothing! Hot tub and a nice long soak...look it up online as a science.

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    I had cramps a few years ago when I did this plan before. But I also thought it was Magnesium. Does anyone know how to determine if its Potassium or Magnesium deficiency?

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    It's most commonly magnesium. There's no way to really determine it though other than just adding magnesium and seeing if that helps.
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