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Thread: Muscle Aches??

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    I just started my first round of the Oral drops. On the fifth day I started having muscle aches. My joints are tender, knees, wrists, forearms, shoulders, neck even hurts. I can't even lift my left arm over my head without pain. I feel good otherwise and I'm still able to workout. I am not heavy and work out every day even before I started this.I have no fever, or sickness- so it can't be the flu...Any ideas or has anyone else experienced this? Seems very odd..Not sure if i need to stop the drops to see if this stops. Nothing else has changed since I started this diet..

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    My doctor told me this can happen on HCG and as a result, she started me on potassium supplements from the beginning. You may want to consider that. She said typically people have restless leg syndrome or achy muscles and that two supplements of potassium per day should help that.

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    there is another link on this, way back in the discussisons. I have been achy too, but decided it was the fat leaving all those bad places its been living all these years. I vaguely recall in one of the books I read that's not so far fetched. The fat gets betwwen the muscle strands and as it is used up, the muscles have to readjust themsleves. sort of like a mini workout. Its an image I can live with.

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    LOL Moxie! I was just looking back through the old threads to find those. I just refreshed them for Ironhorse to read through. Lots of good info.

    On round 1, I had bad muscle weakness and just fatigue in general. I would suggest potassium supplements or B-complex to give you a boost. I am taking them daily now on Round 2 and it's been so much better this time! I went to the gym last night and felt great!

    Moxiegirl is exactly right. We are losing the fat in between our muscles so quickly, they take time to re-adjust so it causes a weak/sore feeling.

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    Thanks everyone! I just went and weighed in and got the B-12/mic shot....still go to a different weight loss place place on another program doing the shot and weighin only...and I acutally gained 1lb of fat!! Not good. I had only gained 2-3 lbs on my 2 day fat binging so I must have gained more fat. So I am still going to be weighing in each week to see the change in water/fat/bmi and etc. and to see if this really works.I didn't tell the clinic I was doing the HCG on my own so we will see what happens.They were not in favor when I had gone to them orginally. I did lose 30lbs on their diet. I will definately look for that thread and get some postassium pills! I couldn't even turn the streering wheel in the car, my wrists hurt so bad!

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    Here are the old thread names for you..."Anyone else getting leg cramps at night?" and "Help, Anyone Else TIRED?" Check on page 2 for them now. They are getting buried fast.

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    I was tired and achy and had headache, felt like I had flu for a day or two after starting vlcd but the felt fine other than the itch.

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    Thanks Caligirl77. I found them. The strange thing is that they are not muscle cramps.I can barely pick up my purse!! But I am still goining to get the potassium to see if that works. Thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it.

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    ironhorse- some amount of aching is common, but not to the point where it's painful to lift things- so i'd check with your Doc. also, don't stress out about the BF measurement- none of their devices are accurate and readings will vary greatly from visit to visit.
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    I had something similar myself, where on Sunday I played some tennis, this was really the first non-walking activity i've done sine the beginning of round 1 of phase 2 way back in november, and man did my right leg muscle (quad - i think) hurt, when I woke up on Monday. I pretty much was limping on that leg it hurt so much, i've never had such a bad muscle pain before, today it was a little sore, nowhere near as bad as yesterday, and now it's all but gone. I just figured this was due to the muscles still being a little long, and needing the readjusting time a bit more. So I hope that your pain is a temporary one like mine was. Also probably a dumb question for someone who has done two rounds of this already, but how does potassium help with pain?

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