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Thread: Oh No....How discouraging!

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    Oh No....How discouraging!

    No hard questions today ladies....just so upset that TOM came May 7, overstayed his welcome till the 14th which appeared to be the "cleansing" day (sorry if TMI). And I'll be damned if he didn't reappear this morning like a long lost friend showing up at my doorstep with a big ole "hi, how are ya". WTH? How am I supposed to stick to a 23 day P2 and expect to get anywhere when TOM insists on stalking me? Just needed to rant. Thanks.

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    I hear this time and time again, hcg can mess up your lovely TOM. Can you do a longer round? Wish I had more info for you, I had a complete hysterectomy myself so those days are behind me. I'd try to do a longer round if possible. Good luck!

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    When I was on Atkins I had 3 periods in the first 6-7 weeks. So far with HCG it's been on schedule and totally normal other then horrid cramps (not normal for me anymore). I guess I got all the weird ones out of the way on Atkins dieting prior to HCG.

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    The HCG protocol can affect your menstrual cycle in many different ways. It can be lighter, heavier, or spotty. It can be longer or shorter. It varies person to person. Most of these changes to your cycle that may have been caused by the use of HCG regulate quickly, especially once the HCG is out of your system.

    Personally rather than having a period on HCG, my body chooses to 'spot' the whole time. If feel like I am constantly bleeding.



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