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Thread: Salt

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    I had read in the Atkins book (New Atkins for A New You) that low carb diets cause the body to flush sodium, and recommendation to add 2 cups of broth or bouillon per day.

    Sunday morning, I woke up lightheaded and couldn't walk straight. Remembering the salt issue, I had bouillon and within half an hour, felt fine, symptoms gone.

    The book also said lack of sodium can cause constipation - wish I had read that before starting VLCD! I had some miserable days, all blocked up. Not a problem now - I'm in P4, keeping my weight steady while adding foods back into my diet.

    Has anyone else noticed similar issues?

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    Yes- I dissolve pink Himalayan sea salt in a little warm water and drink it if I'm feeling bad. I also take potassium at night.


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