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Thread: Scalp Rash and Itching!! Help

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    Unhappy Scalp Rash and Itching!! Help

    So this is my second time doing the hog diet and I'm now realizing this is diffidently a side effect of the HCG since I got it last time and thought it was a shampoo reaction. (currently using sulfate free, paraben free)
    I'm starting to develop these bumps on my scalp..almost like acne but they itch and when I itch it makes them worse and hurt. On my last round, I itched them like crazy not knowing and I ended up at the Dermatologist with an oozing and bleeding scalp where the bumps where because how inflamed it was. She gave me a steroid rinse I had to do nightly..it was miserable and expensive. I'm trying super hard not to itch right now since I know what it can develop into!
    Has ANYONE had a problem like this??? Or does anyone have a suggestion of something I can take over the counter or a natural? I debated trying benedryl but I work so I can't be drowsy. I'm open at this point LOL! Please anyone suggestions or advice send my way! :):)

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    It's more likely that its something mixed with the HCG than the hormone itself.

    Can you give specifics on what type of HCG you are using, and how it is mixed, or an ingredients list if homeopathic?

    Is there anything you are eating on the 500 calorie menu that you do not eat normally? Are you using a different shampoo during HCG diet than you would use normally? If so switch back to your normal one, as anything that is only on your head for a couple minutes and then rinsed out is not going to affect the diet.

    Benedryl is probably your best counter to an allergic reaction. I don't get drowsy from taking one, only if I take 2, so maybe it is an option?
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    Thanks for the reply! Iím taking the shots from Nu Image and just mixing them with the b12 they come with! I havenít changed shampoos and try i use pretty gentle stuff since i have damaged bleached hair! And no i havenít been eating anything unusual from my original diet so i donít think itís a food allergy. Iím off work tomorrow so Iím going to test the Benedryl and see if it helps! I read stuff about apple cider vinegar being a good rinse for irritated scalps?

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