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Thread: Tingling and Numbness

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    thanks for the website

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    I can also share that my regular doctors did blood work and did not find an issue with my thyroid. Then my naturopathic did a saliva test and found a thyroid issue. So, beware that regular doctors with blood tests may not always find thyroid issues.

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    Well the doctors ran blood tests and everything came out fine but he told me to go off the hcg and see if symtoms went away....this is day two without the hcg injections and the symtoms have lessened ....kinda bummed that its the hcg causing it....it figures i would be the one that would have a reaction to it. Im glad it wasnt something more serious. I guess i have to go back to weight watchers. good luck to you all .

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    Oh, feeters, I am so sorry. It is very hard to learn you can't do HCG. But WW is a good program and if you stick at it, you'll lose for sure. Best wishes.

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