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Thread: TOM

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    Hello, I have a question?
    I just got TOM!! I'm 52 and have not had a normal period in 10 yrs and have had nothing in over 6.... I'm on my 16 day doing "SL" I'm doing the correct dose (triple checked) ..... I'm just a bit confuses is this normal? Should I stop my dose ? Or what? Another thought (I have my tubes tied) But could I have gotten preg?????? BOY!!! or girl that would of been scary! I wonder if this has happened to anyone else? Thanks Marlene

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    hey marlene...I'm one year older than you i've been on hcg for 11 days now and have had some weird panges like mens. cramps beginning? haven't had my TOM for a year so i kinda wondered about this...i've read it makes you more fertile it's actually used as a fertility treatment! becareful!

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    I even had PMS tender breast and acted a b---h to my boss! I'm just glad she a women and got a big kick out of it after I told her what was happening! Other then this side effect besides the itching I feel good! Have lost 15lbs in 16 days not hungry have energy....Marlene

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    My weight is locked in to the ounce for the last 3 days -- my period just started today though. What has everyone else experienced with their weight during their TOM?

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    It does mess with your TOM. Many have reported having spotting come back even after no TOM for years and years. Others report having two periods in one cycle. I had my TOM come a week early. It is a female hormone so it can affect TOM. It's ok and normal to have these things since soooooooo many on here have had that.

    A little thing to put up with while we lose weight like crazy!


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    Mar1957, I wouldn't think you are pregnant especially if you had a period. When used as a fertility drug I believe it is used in much higher doses than what one generally gets on the hcg diet. I know it does mess with the periods on some women but nothing serious enough to need to stop the diet. Hang in there, this too shall pass.


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