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Thread: Urgent Help losing weight

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    Urgent Help losing weight

    I did hcg after a few years again for a wk but couldnt stick to the protocol so i basically just did the 3 days of diet with no drops and started eating meat,veggies and atkins ok foods. The problem is I'm eating less than a 1000 cals and working out for an hour a day and NOT LOSING WEIGHT. My weight goes down a couple of lbs and then magically jumps up to the weight i weaned off the diet. But i don't know why that would happen after just a week! Please sb tell me how do i get back to losing weight on a regular low carb diet without this hcg interference. I'm desperate here and losing my mind. I have a trip coming up and i really need genuine answers none of this 'oh stick it out with hcg' nonsense. Sigh.

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    Work out more eat less it is all it will be a life style change no matter what type of diet you do.

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    This is a forum about losing weight via the HCG diet. So we will not be encouraging you to try low carb/low calorie plans.

    Many of us tried all those ideas multiple times anyway, and could not lose weight any other way except through HCG.

    The problem is I'm eating less than a 1000 cals and working out for an hour a day and NOT LOSING WEIGHT.
    You are right, that is the problem. After a while at a very low calorie limit, your metabolism slows down and will hold on to weight, even though it defies all the math of calories in/calories out.

    You must find a program that encourages eating enough healthy foods before you will be able to lose.

    You could try one of the strategies linked in my signature. Many people are successful at using them to lose weight, and they all have you eating plenty of real foods.
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    Sorry to hear about that. Are you still looking to get some help for weight loss? First tell me what did you do for your weight loss journey. Are you interested to take weight loss pills? If yes, the could be helpful http://simpleweightlossplans.com/cra...ids-that-work/ I tried this one and worked superb for me.

    All the best!

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