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Thread: Weight Gain from Mistakes

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    Im so grateful for your replies. May I add you as a friend?

    I wasn't sure what cycling was but I read up a bit on it. Its P3 for only a few days before delving back to P2. I didn't mean I'd do that. I assumed cycling meant taking a 3 week break of doing P3 before going back to P2.

    What do you suggest I do then after this round?
    - Should I do a 3 week duration of P3 and a few weeks of P4 before going back to P1 & P2 of the HCG diet?
    - Should I do a 3 or 6 weeks of P3 before going back to P4?

    Today is my skip day and the 125iu is perfect in that I don't have issues with hunger after I eat my meals. I mostly have my chicken in soups or broths. What I've most been having is this an oil and sugar free version of this homemade soup called soto which satisfies me. The oil comes naturally from when the chicken is boiled. The soup basically contains chicken broth from the boiled chicken thats been left overnight. Red onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, galangal, candlenut, leeks, bay leaf, lemongrass, coriander, pepper, salt which is cooked in some of the chicken broth and left to thicken before adding it into the pot of the chicken soup broth, I shred the chicken and add a green veggie and enoki thread mushrooms. Then I add homemade chillis along with a bit of lemon juice.
    Id like to ask if for the future, it'd be ok to add some bean sprouts and Yuba which basically is bean curd skin which is either wet or dried out under the sun?

    Im not sure what lipotropins are but ill look into it. Is it something to mix with the HCG solution? I looked online and found it where its available in a solution or in tablet forms.

    If I may ask, what is the normal amount that people tend to lose daily? I mostly have been losing 0.2 kgs. Yesterday though I was so busy with some illustrations that I forgot to eat and only had a protein shake and half an apple, today I lost 0.7kgs. Day before that even though I stuck to protocol and had a basic chicken soup for lunch and soto for dinner, I gained 0.2 kgs which I found very strange.

    I rarely eat fruit. Sometimes when I feel I need the sweetness I have an apple. But mostly I just have my two meals with veggies.

    Also, what do you think of Jen's Green drink super smoothie? Would that work as a meal replacer? To just have that on days when I don't feel like cooking? I have the dymatize protein shakes but with water it really is just not filling at all.

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    What do you suggest I do then after this round?
    - Should I do a 3 week duration of P3 and a few weeks of P4 before going back to P1 & P2 of the HCG diet?
    Basically that: 3 weeks of P3 and 3 more weeks of P4. You can continue P3 for the whole 6 weeks if you like, but there has to be a minimum of 6 weeks in between round 1&2 or you are practicing cycling.

    Entering the next round after only 3 weeks of P3 is still considered cycling.

    Lipotropics are selected amino acids thought to aid in fat burning. Genereally, they are taken as a separate injection from the HCG, or orally in capsule form.

    Anything not on the protocol menu list should be considered an experiment. Mushrooms and chili peppers are not on protocol, nor are bean sprouts or bean curd.

    I can't comment on Jens green drink. I follow the original protocol in my rounds. Perhaps she will see this and have some help for you.
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    Remember that there are numerous issues with the BMI scale, which just takes a gander at weight and tallness, it doesn't consider bulk, a few people are normally exceptionally thin yet at the same time solid, being underweight as per this scale does not really imply that you have a medical issue...

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