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Thread: Emotional Binge Eater + HCG

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    Unhappy Emotional Binge Eater + HCG

    I struggle with these two extremely frustrating and difficult obstacles. The HCG diet helped teach me how to realign my feelings and focus on eating as fuel/survival. But as much as it helped, it is still a daily battle. I have been doing well maintaining what I lost the start of last year, until the end of this year, and now I am exactly where I started one year ago today. I am so disappointed. For some unknown reason I allowed myself to regress and give in to my emotional binge eating the end of 2017. I tried to stop and restart HCG, but failed (gave up) each time within the first three-five VLCD days. I can't do that again. I can't allow myself to continue at that rate of failure. I started the round, today is first day of the VLCD. I have overwhelming feelings of distress and depression and irritability. I know it stems from knowing I cannot soothe my feelings the next 60 days with food or alcohol. I have battled with weight, emotional eating to binge eating since I was a little girl. I am now 30 years old and I am still battling. Some days, weeks, years are smooth sailing, while others are the roughest seas imaginable. I truly with I could curb these disorders and leave it in the past. I am deathly tired of dieting and trying over and over again.

    I begin the day doing well, aside from the melancholy, and by the end of the day I am fighting intrusive thoughts telling me just cheat later, one more evening won't kill you, come on - you'll feel better. And, yes, I do feel better, temporarily. All those times I tried to the end of 2017 to get it together and diet, I think, wow I could've lost it by now and be fitter and happier, and healthier. This time, I think most, I wish I was happy being overweight.

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    Your self-awareness means that there is hope for success for you, because you have identified the problems.

    Here is my best self-sabotage fighting pep-talk:

    Now that you know the problem, your challenge is to use this HCG round to re-train yourself to find ways of self-soothing that don't involve food.

    My suggestion is to make a list of all the things you like to do, or make you feel pampered, and treat yourself to one of them when you have those food urges. Self-talk can really help too. Saying aloud that you know you are wanting food because of "X", but food won't fix "X", so I will cope by substituting (something wonderful that you love to do). Its all about learning non-destructive ways to cope with whatever the stress is.

    HCG makes the physical hunger part of dieting go away, but it doesn't change your habits or way of thinking. That is up to you. I think you have a good start on it. Keep taking it one day at a time, one hour at a time, or even one minute at a time if thats what it takes to get you through. You can do it and finally be successful.

    And no wishing. Just deciding. And enjoy every little success along the way with some non-food reward that makes you happy.
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    I have struggled as well and have the same story as yours. Iím starting phase two tomorrow and Iím anxious because I do not want to fail. I stress eat and emotionally eat.

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