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Thread: Exercise and fat loss

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    Exercise and fat loss

    When taking the HCG injections if you exercise more with no extra calories added can you fat loss be greater? Mainly power walking is what I do.

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    No one can really tell you that, unfortunately. Some people say exercising more helped them, others say it stalled them. There are not enough reports of reliable fat content testing for the same person that would allow a reasonable comparison.

    Per the protocol manuscript, you can exercise on HCG at whatever level you are used to. If you try to exert yourself further, you'll find you don't have the stamina or endurance to do much more anyway.

    People consistently lose very little muscle mass after HCG though, so that should comfort you. My advice is do what you are used to, and relax. The HCG is going to work for you and there really aren't ways to make it work better.

    Maybe someone that has done it both ways will come on your thread and give their experience.
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    I am a Jazzercise instructor and this is the first time i've done this diet as an instructor, so i wasn't sure how i would do, would i have the energy to teach was my main concern. I started at 139, I'm 5'3", and my goal was to be what i weighed before this past summer, which was around 130. For some reason i gained 9 pounds without really changing my eating habits, and I couldn't get the weight off, no matter how much less I ate. I am 54, and I believe that my age is a huge contributor for this. Anyway, i started the diet on Oct 7, so I am now into my last week. I've lost a total of 13 pounds so far, and I'm hoping to lose a couple more before I'm done.
    I teach 5-one hour classes per week and I've had no energy problems at all. My only issue has been feeling lightheaded near the end of class, but I started drinking water between routines, and I stopped having that problem. My loss has been greater this round, I did this diet before I became an instructor 6 years ago. The last time when I was on this diet, I didn't exercise as intensely or as consistently.
    So don't fear exercising, it's my belief that you do lose more because you're burning more calories. Simple as that.

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