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Thread: First Gain after Exercise!

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    It isn't new, but I am going to scale back on the exercising because I am not seeing the losses that I would like and it has given me an excuse to justify eating extra calories. OR, I may try to work out earlier during the day. A lot of this diet is psychological. I got on the scale noticed that I had gained and consumed more calories. Still not as many as I normally would and they were all foods that I have ate while on the diet but extra calories. I gained one additional pound this morning. So, I think I will pass on exercising the next few days, stick to the strict 500 calories rule and see where I am after the weekend. I may do one zumba class and/or a pilates class but that is it and it will be early in the day. I find that it is easier for me to stick to the diet when I am at work (which is fri, sat, sun) than when at home and I have nothing to do but think about eating

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    @PinkPanther - I was always a huge excerciser but found I had to scale WAY back in P2. Esp. when I was over the halfway mark. And at work was always easier too, more distractions so less thoughts about eating.

    Q for Quelson/mgsondance:

    I on P3D7. I was maintaining at 2lbs above LIW for 4-5days. Last 2 days I gained 1.2 and then .4. I am eating 2000 cals, 7% carb, 55% fat and 38% protein. No nuts/eggs or dairy. Zero sugars and zero starches. Only thing is I do CrossFit which is a VERY intense weightlifting/exercise program. I have been fairly sore past few days, started training Monday. Tuesday was at maintenance weight, Wed woke and abs were so sore could barely get out of bed and was up 1.2. Still trained yest and will today as well. Fri rest.

    As well, very minimal BMs last few days and TOM is now 6 days late.

    I don't know if I should do a steak day or just ride it out. Is it water I gaining? Scary to see the scale gradually move up.

    I am 5'6. LIW was 146.6, today 150.4. Goal is 145 but I am quite muscular and can see the outline of my abs at 150.

    Help and guidance please!!!

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