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Thread: What Happens If You Take the Drops

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    but don't follow the VLCD? I'm wondering if this whole thing will work better if you do the Drops and eat sensibly instead of starving yourself?

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    Legallady-- I'm sure there are more experienced folks who can weigh in on this (pardon the pun) but this diet was perfected over many years. If you want the results you read about from others on this forum, follow the protocol rx'd by Dr S in pounds and inches. What's your reason for considering eating off protocol?

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    Oh, also when you really look at how much food you eat, in addition to the appetite suppression from hcg, the initial small bouts of hunger are nominal.

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    I'm an extremely picky eater and there really isn't much of a variety that I will eat. So basically the benefit of the Drops is the appetite suppressant?

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    treating obesity with the HCG + diet method we are handling what is perhaps the most complex organ in the human body. The diencephalon's functional equilibrium is delicately poised, so that whatever happens in one part has repercussions in others. In obesity this balance is out of kilter and can only be restored if the technique I am about to describe is followed implicitly. Even seemingly insignificant deviations, particularly those that at first sight seem to be an improvement, are very liable to produce most disappointing results and even annul the effect completely. For instance, if the diet is increased from 500 to 600 or 700 Calories, the loss of weight is quite unsatisfactory. You will gain more weight on the hcg than you would not on it as the hcg makes your body sensitive to all fats, oils ect... the above is from pounds and inches... I reccomend you read it. There is a link on the upper left hand corner of every page, It will help you to understand better.


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