Hi all,

This is my second round on the diet. The first time I did absolutely no exercise. Since then I have taken up ice skating and go skating 2-3 times a week to practice. I'm a beginner, so it's mostly slower speed stuff, doing laps of the rink. Nothing fancy. I usually go for about an hour at a time.

It's possible this is not the only factor, but it seems like I gain .5 to .8 the day after a day when I practice. The first couple times this happened I lost the weight I gained back plus more on the 3rd day following. This time, it is two mornings after I went skating and the weight is still there. I am having a really tough time with losses this round and this is bumming me out in a major way. I'm hesitant to stop skating though as then I will lose all the progress I made at the rink.

Has anyone else done some low-key ice skating (no jumps, racing, anything like that) and experienced a stall? According to the various calorie counters out there, skating can burn quite a few calories in an hour, but I never really feel like I'm exercising when I'm at the rink, other than I get progressively warmer.

I'm thinking of doing an apple day today. Can that hurt anything or create further stalling?

Thanks for your input!