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Thread: Do Muscular People Tend to Have Slower Losses?

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    Question Do Muscular People Tend to Have Slower Losses?

    Hi! I'm new on here! But I am frustrated about my loss on P2. I only lost 15 lb in 30 days. My goal was 21 lbs. I know it's "only" 6 more lbs, but for me, it's a HUGE psychological goal. I used to be at that weight before gaining the 21 lbs & just wanted to return to where I was. I'm physically active & just couldn't lose any weight, which is why I decided to try the HCG Diet. I am excited that I actually have lost! But it seems that everyone else tends to lose more rapidly than me. I have not cheated at all & in fact cut out 1 fruit/day. My sponsor said that "my body wants to be at the current weight" and to stop P2, and go on to P3 for now. I was just wondering if people that are physically active & have a bit more muscle tend to lose less rapidly (I'm not "ripped" or anything, but athletic)? Or is it just "me"? I really, really wanted to get to my goal, but the longer I was on P2, the more apparent it was not going to happen. So just wondering...Thx!

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    No they typically lose much faster than others so that's not the problem. Did you follow the exact protocol or an adapted one? You're actually in the average weight loss for a woman, but on the lower end. You probably had a stall in the middle which is normal. If you continue on, you would likely lose those other 6 pounds.
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    Smile Not Original Protocol

    Are we allowed to say what Brand/Protocol we are using on this Forum? I don't want to get into trouble! I use sub-lingual homeopathic HcG drops. But from what I gather by reading a lot of posts & info on this site, it is not the 500 day original calorie protocol that was suggested. It was 2x 4oz protein, 2x 4oz veggie, 2 cracker, 2 fruit/day, which when I put it into My Fitness Pal, came out to be between 550-650 cal/day (they said not to look @ calories, but I did anyway). And I was told that 2T of cream/day for coffee was OK on P2. Maybe that's the problem? There's no way I could do black coffee!

    I'm still super excited at my losses, but I had already started the transition to P3 not only because I was frustrated & my sponsor said to go to P3, but I have a tennis tournament coming up & didn't want to be on P3 during that time. I have been playing tennis 2-3 times/week while on the VLCD & have been pretty energized, which was surprising (well, after the 1st week I got lots of energy!). But all of my friends who have done this same protocol (not sure @ the cream part) have all lost way quicker than I have. Like I said, I have not cheated at all! I've even taken out a fruit, unless it was a tennis day, then I ate the fruit.

    And, BTW I've been FREEZING the last few days!! I guess that's a good thing after I read more on this site! Thanks for your help, Grammy!! It's nice to have someone knowledgeable to ask questions & get support!!

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