Hi Everyone!
I have been off work for the better part of a year and a half. I normally work landscaping/construction and had to maintain diet, etc... I had personal issues and then a knee injury that I continued to work on. Well needless to say the last 6 months I did nothing but eat and sit on my arse due to barley able to move at times. I gained 35lbs and decided to do HCG. I had done it 7 years ago when it first came out to regulate and get myself on track and again she had been up 60 lbs then. Emotions are my vice to food gluteny.

I had ordered this round and also started a new job at the same time. Just a weeks into work I start my diet. I am now 10 days in and I can't help but think I may need to supplement a protein or increase my proteins. I work in the bulk section of Sprouts Farmers Market, and I walk an average of 20,000 steps a day according to my Fitbit. I am also lifting on average about 2500-4000lbs a day. I work 8 hour shifts and have to lift 50lb bags and/or boxes all day to refill my barrels and bins.

My diet is very basic and I truly try to stay as close to origins protocol as possible. I eat my grapefruit every morning on my first break, then 100g of chicken on a salad everyday for lunch with 1T apple cider vinegar and a half of lemon squeezed. Then for dinner I alternate between 2 tomatos, cabbage, celery, and use plain cayenne pepper on the fish. Then I finish off with my apple for my evening snack. It's an average of 380 calories and I'm just not sure if it's enough with my physical job. Any take on this from y'all? I d notice I'm starting to get a little weaker by mid morning and I'm sure that's normal, should I up the protein or maybe try an all natural protein shake in the morning? I'm down 10lbs in the 8th day of my vlcd

Thank you for your replies
Congrats on your losses, be encouraged, proud of yourselves, and know you are Beauitiful!!!