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Thread: B-12 in bac water nu image order

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    B-12 in bac water nu image order

    Hello all, I ordered from nu image and have 2 bottles of 5000 iu Hcg and one bottle 10 ml of bac/b-12. Does the b-12 harm the hcg? Also they recommend adding 5 ml to the 5000 iu hcg with a dosage of .2 ml. Is this too high? Many thanks, jsea

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    I order from Nu Image and .2ml was way too high. I started at 150 iu and ended up going down to 125 for a perfect dosage.
    I don't think the B12 harms the hcg, but I didn't order that for my first round. I did for my second, but haven't started the round yet.

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    From what I've heard, you don't want the HCG to be mixed with the B-12, as it causes it to degrade quicker.

    You can take the B-12 separately if you wish, but unless you know you are deficient, it isn't necessary and it won't make the HCG work any better.
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    I used the NuImage Hcg with the red B12/Bac water solution, and I mixed it as they advised. I ended up losing 25 pounds in 45 days, so in my case, I don't thnk the B12 had a negative effect. I struggled for about 10 days to find the dosage I felt the least hunger and most energy on, and settled at 165 IU. I was starving at 200, and starving at 150.

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    Thank you all for the replies. I dropped my dosage to 150 instead of 200 and feel almost no hunger. I didn't realize the b-12 was in the bac water till my order arrived. Thanks, again.


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