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Thread: Back again, after 7 years

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    Back again, after 7 years

    Hi, Everyone,

    In 2012 I did three rounds with great results. I am happy to see some folks here from 2012; it’s like coming back to family. Thank you for your dedication and work on this forum.

    Since 2012, weight crept back, and I tried keto with no success, and want to do HCG again, as I know it worked. I’m thinking of HCG Triumph drops, as I hate needles, and would love to hear any testimonies about Triumph drops. I used BodyShaper before - but they’ve been shut down by FDA.

    I am really anxious about weighing myself and really do not want to... admittingly, totally embarrassed by my weight gain. Your input is wanted. Can I do this without weighing myself and just doing measurements weekly? What are pros and cons?


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    Same! I did hcg for the first time in January 2012. Couldn't find my old account anymore, so signed up again in 2014, but things weren't as easy. Another five years, and... here we are again. Hcg remains the one thing where I know I can lose and break food addictions, as long as I find a good dose.

    So stoked to see more "old" people.

    I hated weighing myself. But I have trouble getting perfect measurements each time, and it takes too much time, and does not actually register daily... so scale it is for me.

    To be honest, it also keeps me on my toes. One round, I had trouble with beef - that I could test and remedy by weighing in daily.

    I understand your hesitation - but maybe just bite the bullet now, and then concentrate on the losses, not the numbers when weighing?

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    Another same... I did not weigh until after about 2 weeks for the same reason - i knew that number was gonna be bad and I just wasn't ready to see it. Since I've done this before and I knew it worked, I also knew I would be ok waiting to see where I was at; which was higher than I thought it might be and I was disappointed in that and myself when I saw it. I've been weighing every couple of days since and the numbers are going down so it's good enough for me. I had a serious obsession with the scale and the numbers on it at one time so I had to break the addiction and go cold turkey - I knew there was no other way. And since before finding I was hypothyroid those numbers hardly ever moved in the right direction, it was NOT a good scene. All that said, I completely understand the hesitation and can say without a doubt that this can be done without weighing every day - BUT as cowgirls said - if you have a reaction to something and/or something slows you down, you won't know that and can't remove the food from rotation. In the past I didn't have any issues like that, so I was taking a chance that the same would hold true this time but I knew that and was willing to take that chance. If you didn't have any issues with gaining or slowing from foods in the past, it might be a chance you are willing to take as well, but you have to decide that for yourself. My feeling about this diet is that if you get your dose right so hunger is managed, this is more mental than anything else. For sure it's not without its own set of challenges, but if you can get your mind right and are prepared (and don't have to face any events that could complicate this process) you can sail through a round relatively easily.

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    I am back on the protocol after last doing it 11 years ago. I am using Triumph drops. I am only on day 2 of VLCD but am very happy with the Triumph drops. Not hungry at all, but it is early. Hopefully I feel the same way a week or two from now, but all good for now.

    I understand not wanting to jump on the scale right now. I am the same way. But I feel it is best to bite the bullet and jump on the scale at the beginning and then every day through the next 4 phases. Getting on the scale and seeing the weight go down is one of the best parts of the protocol. It would be a bummer to miss out on that. Whatever the number is now is not important. You have chosen to take action and the only thing that matters is tomorrow's number.

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    Thank you for your replies, wilsonblack,mrswoody, and Godlovescowgirls. My drops arrive today. Yes, I am sensitive to beef and tomatoes on the HCG protocol — chicken is really best for me, with occasional fish. I’m REALLY looking forward to diving in - but now have a very bad cold and am wondering if I should wait until it passes. Thanks for sharing your experience and encouragement as I dive back in.

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    If your cold is bad enough that you don't feel like eating, you might want to wait. Loading properly is really key to making it through the first few VLCDs. On the other hand, if you can make it through the loading while you don't feel well, maybe starting now wouldn't be so bad because if you don't feel like eating, that could also help get you through the first few days until you settle in with the right dose. All that said, sorry to hear you have such a bad cold and hope you're feeling better soon.

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    Thank you MrsWoody, I appreciate your response. I’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow.

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    Echoing what Woody said. Loading is difficult enough as it is. If you have any appetite issues before you take the first dose you are in for a rough time. Better to wait a couple days or even a week. I like to load on weekends personally.

    Let's talk beef and tomatoes. That is interesting. I saw that mentioned in another thread that beef and tomatoes together might not be good. I would like to hear more on that. Tomatoes are technically a fruit so I wonder if that comes into play.

    Fwiw, I had grilled beef tenderloin and grape tomatoes with tarragon and rice wine vinegar. Delicious. Lost nearly 3 lbs but for mainly other reasons mentioned in my thread in the men's lounge.

    Good luck either way

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    Hello!!! I did my first round back in 2012 , I couldnít remember my last user name it was something that had the word waffles in it though. I just started another round in on my second day of loading. For the most part I actually kept my weight off until the past 2 years when I went thru some major depression. It was so bad I would take paid time off and lay in my bed and eat.... and then I dated an Abusive Narcissist (and that was interesting and a complete nightmare). So right now Iím a good place to take it, my depression likes to creep in but Iím wanting to change all that and get my little figure back

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