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Thread: Anxiety Medication

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    Anxiety Medication

    I am on my 2nd day of loading and take anxiety meds just to help me sleep at nite. Can I still take it??

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    Hi Dellane,

    I am NEW, this is my first week and I am not a doctor so I am not at all qualified to answer your question! However, I can share with you my experience thus far and what I was told by my physician. I take anxiety and ADD meds, he told me I can still take my medication, that it will not have any effect or hinder my progress while on this diet. I have lost 6 lbs in 5 days without any struggle. I feel the need to pinch myself, I can hardly believe this is for real!

    You should definitely check with the physician or individual you purchased your hcg from (if applies). I personally have not had any problems, one last note, I take my anxiety med in the morning, it is not designed to help me sleep.

    Good luck in your journey!


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    P2 week 3: -2 lbs w=138 lbs (came down with a cold / did not follow protocol)
    P2 week 4:


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