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Thread: Brands of HCG????

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    Brands of HCG????

    Hello everyone,

    I did about 3 days of homeopathic HCG but after doing research, I want to use the real thing. Many of you use the HUOAG (sp) brand. However, it's out of stock in the online pharmacies that I have seen here. I would like to get the 5000iu because I found the easiest instructions for mixing online. What is the difference between the Houag brand and the fertigyn brand? Can anyone offer any insight?

    Thanks in advance

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    Round 4 HCG rx hucog
    Yes I did 3 rounds of 2000 Hucog, so I could mix fresh batches every 10 days. I brought it and the kit from www.escrowrefills.com My code #296376

    This round they didn't have it and I am using 2000 Proficient from them and having very good loses. Actually better than Hucog!
    Good luck!
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