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Thread: Bruising with subcutaneous injections

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    Bruising with subcutaneous injections

    Hi All!

    I did my first injection today. I looked through many posts here about injections and watched a couple YouTube videos.

    It seems the general consensus is to gently pinch the fat away from your belly. One YouTube video showed the Doc pinching the area several times before actually inserting the needle. This is what I tried.

    Gently pinched a couple times. Needle (which had been warmed in my armpit) straight in. Two to three inches away from my belly button. Injected slowly and kept the needle in for about 3-5 seconds after injection was complete. I also kept the fat pinched the whole time like it showed on the YouTube video.

    Tonight, I noticed a quarter-sized bruise at the injection site. There is no pain to it and it is barely warmer than the surrounding skin. I only noticed it by sight - it doesn't bother me in any way. I do tend to bruise easily and have bruised from many injections/blood tests in the past

    From what I have gleamed from other posts, this sounds relatively normal. Some people were saying don't pinch, some saying do pinch.

    Does anyone have thoughts on this?? Is there a way to avoid this??

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    Not sure how to avoid a bruise if you bruise easily. I have only bruised twice in 2 1/2 rounds. One thing that I suggest differently though is after you have the needle in you should gently release the fat before injecting. I was told by a nurse that if you continue to pinch that you are creating a pressure against the injection and not letting it disperse properly. Some of the hcg could also leak back out. You might also try the smallest diabetic needles. They are only 5/16 in instead of 1/2 in. They are my favorite. You can probably pick them up at Walmart if your state allows purchasing without a prescription. I buy mine online at They are the exact same ones packaged the same and are very cheap from them. They also usually ship fast.

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    Thank you Ginger, I will try that this morning.

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    I describe it as gathering the skin and fat instead of pinching it. As Ginger said, if you are pinching, the injection can make any bruising worse because the fluid has no where to go. Also, when you are new at injecting, you might in your nervousness be pinching yourself harder than you realize, causing a bruise. That being said, there are lots of tiny little vessels in your sub q...even getting close to one can leave alittle bruise.
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    I tend to get little bruises because I bruise easily. What I do is just hold the fat so the skin is tight but dont' pinch it hard and don't repeatedly pinch it, that alone would bruise me. Then I insert the needle, release the fat and inject. I use my alcohol swab to hold on the skin lightly as I pull the needle out and then keep pressure there for a few seconds with the wipe. Give it a rub and that's that. Usually the bruises don't show up for a couple of days and then they are tiny. I've found it's best for me to do several inches away from the belly button to minimize bruising. The only bad bruise I got was following the advice to inject a couple inches below your belly button. It not only hurt but it left a very large bruise that continued to re bruise for several weeks. I got it in my first week and it was still there for a week or two after my round was over. Never made that mistake again. Only on the side for me from that point on.


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