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Thread: Never burned before but one needle did burn!?

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    Never burned before but one needle did burn!?

    Hello so Ive been taking HCG for a while now and it has never burned, I got to one pre filled syringe that burned like hell, I injected it into two other places and it also burned like hell. All my other pre filled syringes did not burn and I am wondering why? Can anyone help with this? FYI I buy my HCG from one of those weightloss diet centers

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    I would ask the provider about it.

    We don't know what the solution is or any of the details that might help figure it out.
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    It can also be that it was too cold when you injected, or that the alcohol you prepped with, wasn't dry yet.
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    So I got a new batch and 3 out of 10 BURNED! Im kind of paranoid as to whats going on here. Do you think they are re using needles and then "cleaning" them with alchol ? Then giving them away to people. They are a pretty shady buissness. Any thoughts ? Im freaking out hoping I dont have a disease now! When I asked them the girl just brushed off as nothing and she said shes never heard of that before. also I made sure not use rubbing alchol


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