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Thread: Buying from Colin F. Watson !!

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    I just ordered my first set from buy hcg 123. I ordered early on Monday morning thinking that it would give them plenty of time to process my order that day day. It is now Friday and my status still says awaiting fulfillment. I really really wanting this to be a positive experience, but I am very nervous. I called and the gentlemen that answered, although very nice, could not give me any definitive answer on how long it takes his company to process an order before shipping. I am used to being able to get an answer like, "it typically take 1-3 business days for an order to be processed prior to shipment." I would have been fine with any answer, if I had been given one, but it was like speaking with a politician. Trying to remain optimistic, but not gonna lie I'm a freaking out a little that they have my $250 and I have nothing.

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    Oh no. Hopefully they get it out soon to ypu. Makes me so thankful the company I go through has always shipped mine within 24 hours of ordering.

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    [QUOTE=bruiseviolet;937278]Oh no. Hopefully they get it out soon to ypu. Makes me so thankful the company I go through has always shipped mine within 24 hours of ordering.

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    violet, it shows you are using HCG patches... i see most HCG patches are homeopathic but do not contain real HCG do your patches actually contain HCG and where do you purchase them. Are they from Frequency Apps? I dont need them right now as Im on P3 and entering P4 in a couple of weeks. Just thought I might do one more round for a little lower weight. thanks elaine
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    I have bought from Reliable Pharmacy. Never an issues. Now their site is always down so I wonder why they are not mentioned? Who is everyone buying from now?
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    The patches are usually homeopathic rose but many have problems on them.
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    Colin, charging 25 bucks for shipping is ridiculous! Pricing on hcg- highest I've seen anywhere. And so called "certified" nutrition expert that's hilarious.... "I want to help others" empty their pockets, so buy my workout program and let me coach you. What makes you an expert and to be able to "Coach" someone if you have only ever taken it once? Quicker shipping, CHEAPER pricing by nearly 30 percent, free shipping, and ability to comprehend what person is saying on the phone, at a real pharmacy. I can live without his so called "expertise" he claims to have. I've eaten plenty of strawberries and chicken so I'm an expert, no wait I should call myself a certified nutrition expert.

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    I agree the shipping is expensive but the cost of the 5000 HCG seemed pretty competitive to me. Also, it took about 2 weeks to receive b-12 and HCG. Personally, I haven't had any problems with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cfwatson View Post
    Dear Diving diva, this is Colin F Watson... A loyal customer brought your post to my attention. I wanted to address your comments, and to see if this issue has been resolved. As far as I know my online and offline reputation is impeccable, and, as far as I know your negative comments mentioned herrin is the only comment of its kind written about me or any of my businesses. Therefore it was very important for me to address this issue personally.

    Since I am one of the rare company owner that answers my own phone, and returns my own calls, I would remember receiving a call from you regarding this issue. When you ship products all over the world, sometimes packages may not make it to it's destination. Since the actual HCG Iis shipped by our overseas Rx HCG providers, I do know their policy is that they guarantee delivery, and will reship any items that has not been received within 21 bussiness days. If the buyer opts to not have the item re-shipped then we offer a prompt refund. Although the RX HCG provider ships he products, i have put myself in the line of fire by personally guaranteeing that you won't get ripped-off by refunding all purchases from the site that are not delivered. Therefore, If you truly did not receive your refund please call me directly! My phone number is 424-245-6049.

    I have always made my phone number and direct email available to the public, and have been told many times that I was crazy for doing so, however I believe if you truly want to help people, you must make yourself available. I want to make sure that you never fell as if you have been ripped off or taken advantage of in any way. So once again, if you have not already received your refund contact me... If you have, then please indicate that you have received your refund in a response to this post. I would have contacted you directly however after searching my entire database for diving deva since thats all I have to work with, I could not find anything. I hope to hear from you soon. Best regards, Colin

    I ordered from Colin and am more then satisfied. He delivered everything he said he would. I also like personally talking to him. He's a great positive coach, and offers a tremendous amount of guidance and insight.

    I'm also happy with the results! -35lbs on day 31 on Phase 2. I'll take it!

    • Personal coaching
    • updated protocol
    • Exercise and resistance training
    • Personalized log site (makes it easy to track everything)
    • He answers his phone ...and follows-up (even on Saturday!)

    He offers just the supplies through his website, but I strongly suggest people pay the extra money for the coaching. It's a tremendous value.

    I just wanted to add that his kits are complete. They include EVERYTHING, and when I say EVERYTHING I mean everything including all the injectables, including HCG, B12m and MIC, all the mixing supplies, all the different syringes, bottles, right down to including alcohol wipes.

    The value you get from the personal coaching alone exceeds the price of the kit. You get his personal telephone number, and yes he answers his phone.

    With that said, his websites are a bit rough, and yes you need to factor in a longer time for delivery of everything. But an HCG protocol shouldn't be "jumped into" on the spur of the moment anyway. The time delay actually gives you time to get organized, and develop your own personal plan of attack on your fat.

    The supplies are of a good and reliable quality. They work. He offers both kinds of kits, one for drops and one for injectables (which I personally would recommend). As I said his program is different, for example his long cycle is longer then recommended here. His "diet" is different, and more up to date. He also has a workout plan, and you get access to your own personal log station, where you can track everything, including journal. You can communicate with him via private message system which he answers within 24 hours, sometimes less, sometimes longer (weekends). You get his direct phone number, can schedule coaching sessions, or call him if you need him.

    He's really a great guy! I would highly recommend his program, and I haven't recommended anything in my life. LOL I just feel I got so much life-changing value out of it, I feel compelled to give back.

    I've lost a lot of fat so far, and at least maintained lean muscle mass, feel great (almost euphoric at times), with lots of energy and motivation.

    If you're so inclined give it a shot! hcgbodyforlife.com

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    Also bought for Colin, shipping to Australia was longer than expected, just need to order before you need it.

    Will definitely order from again!

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    Hello: I am sorry you had a bad experience ordering from ColinfWatson.com --- HCG body for life. Colin's business spans the globe serving clients in every state on the USA and in many foriegn countries as well. I process orders and remit refunds when due all the time. We serve innumerable happy customers and have been helping people lose weight for years. Colin has a deep treasury of I tunes. Radio Pod Casts, he makes available to people to help educate them about the HCG diet. He also has nearly 100 Videos available on YouTube. In addition he has written several books on the topic, all available on Amazon.com and from his primary business website Conlinwatrson.com. You can also make a personal Coaching appointment free with the purchase of a kit by going to conlinwatsononline.com. I have never met anyone more dedicated to weight loss than he is. if you did not receive a refund due you contact me, [email protected] I will be happy to research it for you and post herewith the final resolution of your order.

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