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Thread: Careful when you switch insulin syringe brands

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    Careful when you switch insulin syringe brands

    Hello all.

    Just want to let everyone know to take care if you have to switch insulin syringe brands.

    Pharmacy stopped stocking my usual brand so I bought a new kind. I felt a little weird on a new syringe brand...hungry, had insomnia, other signs of a dose that might be too high. I thought I mixed it wrong but I didnt spill when I mixed and I doubled checked all filled volumes. I used the same vial, same bacteriostatic water, same hcg, same amounts, and same mixing syringe, and the only difference was the insulin syringes.

    Ran a test with my usual dose of 0.30 mL, and the new insulin syringe was inaccurate. 0.30 mL on the new syringe was 0.33 mL on the old syringe. I used another syringe from the new bag and same result. I went back to the pharmacy and got another bag from a different box but same brand, and same result.

    Kinda scary for those people who are insulin dependent and require exact doses.

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