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    Code for ?

    This will be my 3rd round and since the last time many things have changed with the companies and who carries RX HCG. I noticed that escrow refills seems to be a good company now but the codes i saw on here did not work for me. Can anyone give me a code? I really want to order asap. Thanks so much!

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    From the Newcomer section go the thread (about 11 down) titled buying hcg Where do i Start ---

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    I just used this code today and it worked, it was posted on another thread
    Also another thing she had posted was she put one vial in her cart of 5,000 and right before you are ready to complete checkout it offers you to double your order for another 5% off, that is what I did and got 2 vials of the 5,000


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    I have a new invite code for escrowrefills: **********. You get a $30 credit when you use it


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