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    Hi all, just wondering can we have the instant coffee that is "nescafe french vanilla " flavoured? or is it strictly plain coffees?

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    Depends... What does the "nescafe french vanilla" have in it?
    I would say - if there's artificial sweeteners or sugar, right out... if there's oils, right out... if there's fillers, right out...
    Of course, your mileage may vary - everyone's bodies react differently.
    Personally, I would worry about all the 'extra' stuff that makes it instant/nonclumping/sweet not playing nice with your losses...

    For my coffee habit, I found that a French Press & some of the "flavored" coffee beans were a life saver. (I've upgraded to a Keurig now, though!)

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    I also have a coffee habit that typically includes cream and sugar in whatever cheap coffee I buy. But for P2 I bought some Gevalia coffee-in several flavors and just sweeten it with some English Toffee Stevia. It is actually really good and I don't feel unsatisfied at all. In fact, I like it so much that I may continue without the cream after P2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kriss55 View Post
    Hi all, just wondering can we have the instant coffee that is "nescafe french vanilla " flavoured? or is it strictly plain coffees?
    Before HCG I never really was a heavy coffee drinker. I don't even own a coffee pot but now since I don't really have breakfast, I just use the individual packs of Nescafe Decaf House Blend and I haven't had any problems. I stay away from the flavored coffees because of any "hidden sugars" that may be added to them.

    When I get tired of coffee, I just have lemon juice, hot water and a drop or two of Stevia. An added benefit is that this lemon/water mixture, "keeps me regular" and I have no problems with going to the bathroom.

    I hope this helps.

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    You have to read the label carefully, & determine whether or not it is pure coffee.

    To mirror what snapshotstacy said, I got a Keurig. It makes the best coffee & tea I've ever tasted, & it is available so readily. It has helped me get through many a P2 afternoon! Since I am really not hungry, coffee & tea provides a little bit of comfort in a cup, calorie free.

    I do look forward to P3, & HWC again! I am even thinking of walking on the wild side & trying Grammy's suggestion for P3; unsalted butter in my coffee!

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    It is the actual coffee grounds in a jar, just flavoured, i dont have it in front of me to read the label but i will be sure to do that, thanks everyone!


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