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Thread: Do men consume 500 calories or more on VLCD/P2?

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    Do men consume 500 calories or more on VLCD/P2?

    After my current round is finished my husband will be doing HCG for the first time. Does he consume 500 calories on the VLCD/P2 or is it more for a man? I just want to make sure I'm telling him the correct amount of calories to consume, I don't want to accidentally mess up his round! Thanks in advance!

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    The menu and calories is the same for men and women. Age, gender or size are not factors in how the HCG works in the body.

    Dose is also not dependent on any of those. 150iu is a standard starting dose. Be aware that adjustments are sometimes needed during a round. So if hunger or poor losses are experienced, the dose likely needs to be changed. We can help you with that.
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