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Thread: Dreaming of food?

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    Unhappy Dreaming of food?

    I started the VLCD today I have not been hungry but I was asleep most of the day (hungover) and just woke up from a dream. I was at this huge table that was piled high with my favorite pastas and pizza and garlic bread. I kept smelling garlic all day (might have been the reason for the dream). I also dreamed that I found a cup full of chocolate pellets and it tasted like hot chocolate. When I woke up I felt guilty and then was sad I couldn't eat any of that stuff for a while. I even considered adding one extra stuff day so that I could have pizza and not miss it as much during the 30 or so days I am on the VLCD. I am curious is there a way to have a dreamless sleep? In phase 3 I know I am supposed to avoid starch. Is pizza heavy in starch? Thanks for letting me rant cause now I can't go back to sleep. I don't feel hungry just deprived. I guess I never realized the emotional connection I have with food. Anyone have any tips to get past that?

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    Hi, HT! The hcg/vlcd can definitely affect your sleep. I think you'll find that this will get better soon and that your carb cravings will go away. You're just withdrawing from carbs, that's all.

    Yes, pizza is basically starch/carbs. It's the bread part. You will do better on P3 if you stay away from it.

    Since P3 is basically about limiting carbs, you might want to look at some Atkins diet info in a couple weeks. It's all online for free at: http://www.atkins.com/Program/ProgramOverview.aspx

    I wish you the best of luck on your journey. One thing I think you'll notice for sure is that things will change and then change again so just try to go with the flow!
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    slept most of today too... don't know why. Dreamt about ice cream and cake and peanut m&ms. I really need to go to class tomorrow I hope I have more energy.

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    goldfish crackers


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