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Thread: Drops vs. pellets vs. injections - which is more effective?

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    Drops vs. pellets vs. injections - which is more effective?


    Which of the above methods is more effective?

    I have two offices in town that provide support for this diet and one offers only injections and the other only offers Drops/pellets. The first is a "spa" that a doctor opened and the latter is a weight loss center with a bariatric doctor. After all the reading I have done I assumed I would be doing the injections and they would be the best, but my DH really wants me to go to the weight loss center because we have received real testimonials from people who went there and had success.

    I have between 45 and 55 pounds to lose, with 50 being ideal but possibly not realistic. What is a realistic number of pounds to lose in the first three weeks if I am diligent? I would like to lose 20 with another 15 in R2 (more would be a bonus) and I will work on losing the rest on my own.

    I really appreciate your input - I have an appointment schedule with both facilities and need to cancel one! I am going to start on 07/02/11! I hope to lose about 5 pounds in the meantime.


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    Do you think I posted this in the wrong area, is there a better place to post this so I can receive some feedback?


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    I tryed both and the Drops work better for me. So I guess u just got to see.

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    I think as long as you get a good quality product, they all work fine....usually. For some people, one method works better than another but you won't know until you try it

    My sister in law lost almost 30 lbs. on Drops (RX grade), I am currently at the end of P2 and have lost 33 lbs with hhcg pellets. When you read through the signatures on the forum, you see similar results for all the different methods. I think it's mainly personal preference.

    If I were you,I'd go with the method you feel most comfortable with (or go with the one that has the real testimonials). And then see how it works for you.
    20 lbs. in Round 1 are doable if you follow the basic directions (load really well, drink lots and lots of water, etc.)

    Good luck

    Lost a lot of weight 2011-2013, then completely fell off the wagon.
    Back now, with an awfully high starting weight :-(
    Jan 2, 2017 = VLCD1

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    Thank you, Ken and Denali.

    Denali - nicely done on the weight loss!

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    20 lb in roun one is very doable. I lost 37 in the first round. I used homeopthic Drops from DYI HCG you can find them on line. I am very happy with the results. WIll be doing another round starting tomorrow!

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    Rainey, congrats to you too.

    Now, what constitutes "phase 2"? I thought it was three weeks, but maybe it is six weeks? If it is the latter, I want to lose at least thirty -five. Sounds like that is still doable, though, right?

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    Phase 2 are your VLCD days (Very Low Calorie Diet). This is usually 3-6 weeks long, but no less than three. Then Phase 3 is 3 weeks long which consists of eating whatever you please except for sugars/starches. Phase 4 is where you slowly add in a starch or a sugar one at a time. You are supposed to take a six week break (3 weeks P3, 3 weeks P4) in between Rounds 1 and 2. Dr. S recommends not losing any more than 34 pounds in a round, so you can probably get pretty close to that. Good luck and welcome!
    Mommy to 7, ages 2 years through 14 years and step-mommy to two more

    Round 1:
    10/2/10 186 lbs.
    LDW 162.3
    12/21/10 156.6

    Round 2:
    1/1/11 155.2 (preload weight)
    1/3/11 161.2 (load weight)
    2/19/11 136.0 (LDW)

    Round 3: p2d1: 165
    12/11/12 LDW: 136

    Round 4: p2d1 1/25/13
    P3D1 126.4

    Round 5: finished at 142

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    I really like the pellets. I am on VLCD15 and have lost 15.8 lbs. I have found the pellets easy for dosing and they were very inexpensive.

    You do not need to go to a clinic to do this diet. Whichever method you choose you can order the supplies online and you can read pounds and inches online, too. Of course that is totally up to you and what makes you comfortable. But I know the clinics near me charge several hundred dollars for one round, and I spent less than $30 on my pellets.

    Just something else to think about.

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    SkinnyJenny, where did you buy your pellets from? Thank you!

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