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Thread: What else do I need.....

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    What else do I need.....

    Just ordered my 4 vials of 2000iu Hucog from escrow. Now what other supplies do I need to order? So nervous to do the shots, but after regaining quickly after using pellets thru a clinic, I've decided to try it on my own!

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    Hi hanju,
    you will need mixing vials, syringes and bacteriostatic water. Some people buy these in a kit, others buy them separately from various sources.

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    I bought my bacteriostatic water & mixing kit on, but I've seen where people bought them on other sites for less.

    hanju, the shots are so EASY & painless. The syringe needles are so tiny, I rarely ever feel even a pinch --- never painful.

    You'll do GREAT!


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