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Thread: What exactly is considered 'LOADING'?

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    What exactly is considered 'LOADING'?

    I get the general idea of eating as much as possible and as many calories the first two days. But exactly how much should I eat? I could do with eating McDonalds for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacking on potato chips all through out the day, but is that enough? I'll also be working for 9hrs a day, both loading days, so I can 'snack' from my pocket, but I can't eat full meals around the clock.

    Can someone give me an example of what they did during their loading phase? How much did you eat? What did you eat? How often? Am I literally supposed to stuff myself, or just eat until I'm satisfied? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    I loaded with as much high fat stuff as possible. I don't however think we need to make ourselves sick doing it. Just stick with super high fat foods and lots of it and you should do fine.


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    Loading days are a great time to eat absolutely everything you might miss on the diet. Make sure you get lots of fat.

    Psychologically, it helps when you are 10 days into the diet and someone shows up with pizza or doughnuts. You can remind yourself you just had that 10 days ago.
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    i recommend eating higher fat foods, but good ones- and without carbs, sort of like atkin's induction. you'll gain less loading weight that way. remember, what you gain on your loading you have to lose later.
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