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Thread: Anyone have extra Hucog or know US sellers?

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    Anyone have extra Hucog or know US sellers?

    I want to start the HCG diet (shots) but don't want to wait 2-3 weeks to order from Reliable Rx or any of the other places shipping from India does anyone know where I can buy some inside the US or have any extras yourself that you'd be willing to sell? I need 2 5000IU vials (Hucog preferably). I've already emailed 23DayDiet but never got a reply so they must not be selling anymore.... can anyone help me out?

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    Also a company that may be offshore but has an express shipping option would be fine too. I just want to get some asap so I can start my diet

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    I used escrow refills 7-10 day shipping.

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    Unless you have a prescription, it is illegal to buy from a U.S. seller, and illegal for them to sell it to you. I do believe selling on these message boards is also forbidden (see the message at the top of this page). The overseas companies usually ship the same day or the next day after you order it. The reason it takes time is because it gets held up in U.S. Customs. It'll get to you faster if Customs doesn't hold it for long. You can get it as quickly as a week.

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    My first round I went through The Klein Holistic Center here in Colorado Springs. He told me at the time that he does consultations for hcg by Skype from anywhere in the US. My first round with him was just under $300 and that included hcg and kit for 40 days and consultation.
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    Isn't www.whenhealthmatters.com in the US? I think they do a MD consult OL. They are a lot pricier. They add $30 handling fee to each order. I just went with escrow refills, it was under $75 shipped for 2 vials of 5000(they give you a $30 credit) I ordered on 07/06 at night, as of yesterday it was in NY in customs. I haven't checked the status today.

    ETA: I received the HCG today, so 11 days from order to received in hand. HTH

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    Anybody want to buddy up to order? I'm in Houston Tx.


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