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Thread: Fat Loss. Tanita Body Fat Scale

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    Fat Loss. Tanita Body Fat Scale

    Has anyone followed their fat loss on a Tanita weight loss scale? I have been on hcg for a total of eight days and have lost 12 lbs. Yea! My body fat decreased 1% on the first few days and has increases by 1% since that time. Could this be because of the hcg circulating in the body? I am on 200 iu of injections and have not been hungry. I am beginning to notice a slight weakness in the morning before the injections. Afterwards, I feel normal.

    Any thoughts? I have most definitely lost major inches! Yea, again!


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    I don't think it works. I used that scale and had a doctor check and it was completely different!

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    I have that scale...it's a good scale I have had it for a good 10 years, but I don't think it is accurate on the body fat testing. I have heard other people say the same thing . I just ignore it. I do like the scale though...lasts a long time.

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    I'm using the EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

    So far it appears to be tracking my fat relatively accurately -- though I guess I don't have any way of backing this up.

    This scale measures weight (you can choose lbs or kg), %Fat, Total Body Water (TBW), %Muscle and, lbs of bone. Plus it has both male and female settings, as well as regular and athletic modes -- so athletes can get more accurate readings since muscle weighs more than fat.

    I've been on the diet (first time) for 12 days now and have lost 8.8 lbs -- though I have not lost anything the last couple days. The scale says my fat is still reducing while my water has increased. The fact that I can see these numbers and distinguish between fat weight and water weight really helps me not get disappointed.

    Plus I made a few mistakes like forgetting my injection until the evening on two days, having more than a tablespoon of milk in my coffee, eating salmon as my fish and using facial lotion daily.



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