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Thread: anybody gain all the weight back plus more?

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    hi you guys!! wow interesting convos going on here! thanks for all the info, i'm just really scared coz i have a HUGE, i mean REALLY BAD, horrific even, hunger problem, and i'm not sure i'm willing to subject myself to another extreme diet, and i doubt that a little homeopathy will help my hunger problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by grammy1952 View Post
    Since you have some diary issues you might try ghee. It's clarified butter with all casein and lactose removed.
    Oh, good idea. Being a foodie, I have some ghee.

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    also crazycatlady thank you for responding! that's a very dramatic story, and you had me until the end where you said i needed to be on a diet forever, that part gets me everytime... i have lost weight and kept it off for years before, but i know i can't do it now, having a smaller tummy is helping me, but i'm still STARVING, and have no desire to deny myself carbs lol

    there's a fun documentary about why skinny people are not fat lol click here to watch it

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    i just ordered some 'hoodia'... i don't know if crap like that works, but thought i would try to get rid of the horrible hunger and see if i could do that, before i ever consider another diet lol maybe hoodia is sooooo 5 years ago, but i've never taken a diet supplement, so i don't know about such things

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    i don't know much about hoodia, but i wouldn't take any diet supplements while on hcg. you don't want to mask any hunger because if you're hungry on hcg, that means your dose is off. you need to know if you should be adjusting your dose or not

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    thanks, i just meant to see if ANYTHING could stop my hunger... i'm going to try ginger and garlic too, i've heard from a couple places that garlic is good for appetite control, leptin resistance and losing weight, or at least NOT gaining it, and i heard that ginger is good for a digestive aid and nomalizes acid in the stomach and normalizes appetite, if you have too much, OR too little appetite... i bought the hoodia on a whim and probably shouldn't have, as i know crap like that is usually crap, but still, i was determined to try something

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    i'm also sitting here drinking green tea in the middle of the night, or it's near the end of the night now... and just found out it's loaded with caffeine lol ugh

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    Can you try and not eat carbs for one single week? Just as an experiment? Your hunger should be under control then....

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    hi sweetie pie, i've gone for a week without carbs, when i was trying to be vegan with just veggies haha, i can do it for a few days, but then it's like i'm eating nothing, just water, it's kind of weird, but my husband feels the same way, and i'm way too hungry, and have too tiny a tummy to look at a salad and feel like i would be filling up on water which would have zero effect on me and my ravenous hunger... i love it tho, until the water point, to me a nice salad is as good as ice cream lol

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    Only veggies doesn't work... those are also carbs. You can't get enough calories in to satiate your body eating only veggies, so naturally would still be hungry.

    I was talking protein, fat, and veggies... Protein is what satiates best, and you need fat for some additional calories and feeling full. That shuld be enough to lower your glucose levels within 5-7 days, and take care of cravings. It's basically paleo without worrying abut grass-fed.

    On a side note - my dad had two heart attacks and a stroke, and has type 2 diabetes. Within the last five days, he has hadd to significantly lower his daily insulin, since his blood levels have improved so much. Why? He is finally cutting out carbs. It is still a long way to go, but I am glad he is finally seeing the light.

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    Eating paleo is not about eating low carbs only, it is about eating lots of good fats as well, in the 70% range. So if you are not eating enough fats, you will be hungry as you will have little fuel.

    Here is an interesting link to paleo and Christianity:

    It seems to me that you are not understanding how hcg works. It is the perfect weight loss program but only you can make sure that it does not come back. There is a reason that you became fat, and as Grammy said, most likely this is because of sensitivities you don't know about. There is a reason you re hungry and most likely this is because of a low fat diet. With a stomach reduction you probably need to eat more frequent meals which also can skew things. The leptin reset would be great for you in round 3/4 in combination with hcg but I don't know how much you can eat at a time. The leptin reset calls for a big *** breakfast.

    I was where you were before starting as far as 'I want to lose weight and have my cake (or pizza, or ice cream or what ever it is we are trying to hold on to). All I can say is that I put on my big girl panties and went for it. Pizza and ice cream, my two things that I so so wanted to be able to have again in P4, are not on my mind. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. I had some ice cream when loading for round 2, but there was no urge or craving or anything. I just had some ice cream. To be liberated from cravings over a long period of time, to have the tools to keep the weight off after hcg, to reshape, to feel beautiful, to not be a slave to food is all worth much more than all the excuses I could come up with to not do the diet and to hold on to those foods that I thought made me feel better. You have to be ready though, as it has to be a commitment to longterm health. You have to be able to take on that responsibility for yourself and that is not easy. But once you are in it and see the pounds come off so easily, and from the right places, you will know you did the right thing for yourself.

    Round 1 ended 3/25 30
    Round 2 ended 6/27 26
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    8/17 started high fat/adequate protein/low carb diet (nutritional ketosis):
    Starting weight: 185.4
    11/19 168.6

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    you know what? you guys may be right about the fat thing... i'm going to get some coconut oil tomorrow, coz my face is drying out and wrinkling super fast since surgery!!! i've been taking evening primrose oil, but it's not enuff...

    it's not pizza and ice cream that i'm wanting, it's just the stuff around the edge of the super market, i want veggies, fruit, organic meat (we've been getting buffalo), milk, cheese, eggs, and i still want rice and potatoes, but that's basically all i want, i am HAPPY eating a salad, you don't understand haha, i want to eat well, i just want to eat FOOD, all of it, the good stuff only...

    if you tell me i can eat good whole foods like that, after the hcg diet, with my small tummy, and not gain the weight back, then i will do it...

    i've been drinking green tea all night, and even tho it's kept me awake, it's kept me strangely calm, sort of 'at peace'... so that lets me think about the diet a little easier

    i'm going to the health food store tomorrow and get supplements that i think will help...

    thanks you guys xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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